Partners, not just suppliers

At Alexa, we build trust. Since 2002, we have grown our reputation in the language services industry by forging long-term relationships in the legal, financial, consumer products, technical and government sectors, delivering customized and premium service. Helping our clients reach their business goals is the foundation of our success.

Co-founders Gary Kalaci and Michael Kaye launched Alexa Translations to address the need for a new, elite level of translation service. Before starting their own business, Gary and Michael both worked in the professional services industry where translation was a regular need, but quality work was hard to come by: missed deadlines, impersonal service and most importantly inconsistent quality. Their experience highlighted a gap in the translation industry, and at that point they knew leaders in business would benefit from Alexa’s new approach: client-dedicated project management combined with sector-specific translation expertise.

Together, Gary and Michael continue to redefine the meaning of quality and client experience while creating the reliable translation partner they were always looking for.



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