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For many companies, managing translations can be a costly, time-consuming and distracting non-core proposition. Ask how outsourcing to Alexa Translations’ Integrated Services Solutions can help you manage volume and workflow fluctuations, that will not take away from other resources that are so valuable to your business.

Alexa Translations’ Integrated Services Solutions are tailored to provide clients with a personalized outsourced translation solution. Shifting your organization to an Integrated Services Solution will result in substantial cost savings by lowering overhead, and improving your organization’s capacity to turn around translations while maintaining, and often improving, quality.

The specifics of each organization’s needs vary considerably. An Integrated Services Solution begins with a discussion of your current translation situation followed by a service audit. We will then work with you to build a solution that best suits your needs.

Clients who opt for Integrated Services Solutions experience measurable improvements in:

  • Cost Reduction.
    Full-time departments and employees are expensive. Eliminate the overhead associated with in-house translation and project management departments.
  • Scalability.
    Remove the bottleneck of capacity constraints and turnaround delays.
  • Efficiency.
    A centralized, available and responsive translation solution for your entire organization.
  • Quality.
    Reliable multistage quality assurance processes, terminology database maintenance and translation memory building.
  • Convenience.
    No time spent procuring services in a language your team does not support, especially in times of peak translation demand.
  • Technology.
    Leverage our investments in the latest translation tools and technologies.

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