investing in a translation partner

You could show a document to 10 different translators and receive 10 correct, but very different translations. From your very first project with Alexa, we work with you to understand your preferences and maintain them from one translation to the next. We are committed to long-term learning and collaboration, and becoming an advisor on your communication and translation strategy.

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our translation services

Document translation is what Alexa does day in and day out for hundreds of clients in the legal, financial, consumer products, technical and government sectors. The adaptation of written text from one language into another, rendering the same meaning and emotional response as the source language is the art of translation at Alexa Translations.

get it right the first time

In the highly fragmented translation services industry options are plentiful, but so are the stories of translation gone wrong.

Our teams follow a process that maximizes quality, building superior translations through layers of quality assurance. The multistage process critically compares source and target texts, eliminates common errors, resolves inconsistencies and respects the client’s full body of work regarding industry terminology and corporate style.

behind the words on the page

Alexa builds teams of translators for every client and project. Through professional and certified subject matter experts, we tailor our service to each specific detail required by our clients.

technologies that deliver

Clients appreciate and rely on Alexa to keep up with the latest technologies. To manage the workflow and improve translation efficiency, we utilize two multifaceted platforms to manage your translation projects and translation memory.

Translation Management System

  • Secure client portal to request quotes and orders
  • Share and receive documents without file size restriction
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • HTTPS enabled file transfer and storage protection
  • Canada-based servers

Translation Memory Tool

  • Translation memory builder
  • Industry terminology and corporate style management
  • Preserves institutional knowledge
  • Collaborative translation features with real-time updates
  • Extensive file format compatibility

build confidence through certification and authentication

If you are filing with a securities commission, or dealing in foreign affairs, you may require a certificate of translation, affidavit of translation or legal opinion of translation to accompany your document. We can provide any of the above as needed.

multilingual desktop publishing means one-stop convenience

Formatting foreign script is a daunting and often time consuming task for a designer unfamiliar with the target language. Our multilingual document formatters and designers eliminate the stress of purchasing fonts, dealing with left-to-right and right-to-left alignment, and problematic layout due to text expansion or contraction.


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