Exploring cultural awareness

Broadening your success in a global economy demands connecting with people on a mutual level of cultural knowledge and respect. Everything from body language to business etiquette and social norms shape the forces of culture.

Whether you are meeting with business partners in the East, or exploring mining opportunities in the South, Alexa can help bridge the cultural gap through tailored educational documents, and in-person cultural sensitivity training provided by our cultural consulting specialists.


Seniority is highly valued in China. Find out who the most senior person at your meeting is and address them first.

In India, pointing with one or two fingers is considered rude. Use your chin, thumbs or entire hand to point someone out or to get someone’s attention.

Patience is a virtue when doing business in the UAE. You may be kept waiting for a meeting or have it interrupted for a phone call. Neither are considered disrespectful.

When conducting business in Brazil it is important to allow relationship building to occur. Always wait for your Brazilian counterpart to raise the topic of business. Never rush the relationship building aspect.

Compliment your Dutch counterparts on their work as opposed to personal attributes like beauty. Showing appreciation for a job well done is much more rewarding.

It is customary in Japan to present and receive business cards using both hands. Keep cards you have received from others on display for the duration of your meeting.

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