Introducing: Alexa Translations A.I.

Alexa Translations A.I. is a revolutionary language technology powered by artificial intelligence. It provides high-quality, sophisticated and real-time translation of complex, industry-specific text, particularly for the legal and financial services sectors. Alexa Translations A.I. is a powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with Alexa’s suite of services, increasing the speed and efficiency of our exceptional team of translators.

Our team is proud to be the first to offer a new technology that makes the French-Canadian market significantly more accessible to legal and financial services organizations everywhere.

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The technology

Multiple layers of artificial intelligence detect subtleties of syntax, context and specific language nuances. The patent pending technology enhances performance cumulatively, providing ever enhanced results through continuous learning.

A tool for translators

Businesses with in-house teams of translators can use Alexa Translations A.I. to complement and augment their existing capabilities and expertise. For instance, pre-translating lengthy documents using Alexa Translations A.I. saves time and resources. The platform is a cost-effective, seamless addition to any in-house translation team, providing a high quality, practical solution to the challenges of lengthy, complex and confidential translation projects.

Specialized, customizable translation offerings

Alexa Translations A.I. provides the precision of sector-specific terminology and syntax. The technology is easily adapted and customized to meet specific cultural, language and industry requirements.

Confidential and secure

Clients can trust Alexa Translations A.I. as a secure and confidential tool in the translation of sensitive material. Unlike free translation tools, Alexa Translations A.I. assigns full ownership of the data to authors/originators, and any text submitted through the technology is immediately destroyed in sequence with the translation process. With systems completely housed in Canada, Alexa Translations A.I. can be configured as an on-premises solution, to further enhance security and confidentiality.

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